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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
So Jumanji 3 is coming. Probably because "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" made more money than god at almost 900 million worldwide.

I wonder what they'll do. The series itself lends itself more to an anthology kind of thing... every generation, another batch of kids and a new incarnation of game. But I feel like they won't want to do that... I feel like they'll want to repeat what worked, with Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black and Kevin Hart and all that. So how's that supposed to work? Maybe a new batch of kids but using the same avatars? Eh...
Yeah, the likelihood that they'll just rehash Welcome to the Jungle for Jumanji 3 is unfortunately pretty high. I liked the film a lot, but you can't just do more of the same for a sequel. Virtual Reality could be a good story idea. Or just straight-up have the kids playing the game sucked into the world of the board game, without the need to dress it up as the interior of a video game, complete with NPCs and places set-up like "levels" (which worked in J2, but would feel stale in J3). Maybe they could explore why Jumanji exists in the first place and why its driven to test kids.

Originally Posted by Allio View Post
Itís technically the forth movie but whatever.
Zathura should really just stay in its own lane; it didn't really add anything to the Jumanji mythos as a whole, it was just a retelling of the same story with a different flavor.
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