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if you already have the seasons, then you don't HAVE TO buy the box set. if you're complaining about how "preposterous" it is to "pay money for something you already own", then that seems like a personal prob you gotta deal with yourself.

how you gonna be mad that theres another option for fans to own the series? i already have a couple volumes individually, but it'll be cheaper to get the van set than it would be me for me to complete my collection by buying the individual dvd releases. yeah, i'll be doubled up on a few seasons, but thats my choice. the indiv dvd sets are still pretty easy to find...

they've already said theres no significant extras other than the van shaped box. and if you feel you have to buy it just for that, then again, thats you wanting to be a completist. can't blame anyone else.

i just think its awesome we're getting something like this, that a lot of other franchises dont.
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