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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
just glad he's done with tmnt. didn't feel he was a good fit for it.....designs might have been ok, but story consistency was rather lacking.

i'd just rather let 2012, and with any luck the bigger mess that is rise, rest in pieces...and hope something comes along that can last ten years or more, so we stop with the constant reboots
Man... I absolutely LOVED the 2012 show! To me it is hands down the best TMNT show...period! It not only is my favorite TMNT show, but it is one of my favorite shows from any genre of tv that I watch. It was well written with very developed characters that I felt strongly about. I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud and even cried out loud. For a cartoon to have such an emotional impact on me, they must've been doing something right. I was truly sad when that show ended.

I never watched the 2003 show when it aired (only saw a couple of random episodes) but recently my son and I have been watching them all in order (currently we are in season 5). I really like the show a lot (as does my son) but it doesn't come close (in my opinion) to the 2012 show in terms of quality storytelling. Don't get me wrong, I really LIKE the show but the 2012 show was just THE perfect TMNT show in my opinion. A tough act to follow, for sure!

Don't get me started on "RISE"!!
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