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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Batman And Spider-Man and other series have hundreds of reboots, I don’t know why people can accept the 1000th version of Batman but can’t accept a small handful of TMNT reboots.
Seeing that the TMNT come from an indie comic that has a set story to tell, I think people feel the story has been told. How many more times are we gonna see Escape to Northampton and City at War. Straying too much from that path and you end up with Fast Forward or Rise.

Spider-Man and Batman have no true story other than their origins and the origins of the villains. They both have such a huge rogues gallery that you can mix and match villains and stories for years and reboots. Plus their comics are neverending, so future cartoons can add even more things like Superior Spider-Man, Spider Gwen, The Signal, Joker with his face cut off and whatever else.

The Turtles story pretty much ends when they end the Shredder and the resulting fallout.
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