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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Not quite. Very few hard "reboots" with those characters (as in throwing out literally everything about the past and starting over), but quite a few soft retcons that kind of "massage" bits of new continuity into the old, trying not to change too much at once so as not to give long-time readers a migraine.

For example, in 1986 or so, Frank Miller's "Year One" became the new "official" Batman origin, but it tried very hard not to change too much of the existing story, and stories taking place pre-1986 still happened within the continuity, they just happened a *little* bit differently than as told previously. Or like "The Killing Joke"; it tells the exact same story as the previous "official" Joker origin story that had been told and re-told since the 1950s, it just changed a few of the details to make it a bit more contemporary.

MOST mainstream comic book characters actually only ever get a handful of "hard reboots" that toss out everything and start from zero. Superman has probably had the most of these, but more often, it's preferable to "soft retcon" a few details here and there rather than wipe the slate clean.

Every new TMNT version is a brand new and unique version, with NO resemblance to any previous version, and yes, we absolutely have WAY too many conflicting versions at this point, especially since the property really isn't that old compared to others. If a person asks, "What is Splinter's origin?", it shouldn't be a 30-minute explanation covering 8 different and conflicting stories. "Who Is April O'Neil?" You should have ONE primary answer, and maybe she's a little older or younger, or her hair is different, or whatever, depending on the version. She shouldn't be a completely different human being with a completely different origin and life story in each new version, and we shouldn't be doing a hard re-set every 5 years or so. That's sloppy, lazy bullsh*t.

Just to clarify.
Still, the 2012 series has the most in common with the series that most people know about.

So when people ask about the 2012 origin of Splinter you can answer "He is Hamato Yoshi who fled from Japan and settles in new York city after his altercation with Shredder. He got splashed with Mutagen which turned him into a mutated rat." Which makes people go "Ah yes, the same way it was in the old cartoon."

If they ask you about what the hierarchy of the Turtles in the 2012 series is you can answer with:
"Leonardo is the leader who almost buckles under the strain of the responsibilities which come with that and how to win the others' respect so they follow his orders without questioning them."
"Raphael is the bruiser with a short fuse who kicks first and asks questions later but has a heart of gold."
"Donatello is the nerdy, neurotic, technical genius, who isn't really into fighting but a bad ass in doing so either way."
"Michelangelo is the goofball who's always ready to lighten up the mood and is much more talented than he lets on."
And People will got "Yeah, just like they were in the old cartoon."

And if they start asking questions about fan favorites, like Mona Lisa, Bebop and Rocksteady, Shredder and Krang, or about characters like Bishop, the Utrom Council, the Earth Protection force, you can tell them "Yes indeed, they all appear in the series."
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