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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I'd wager that there's a big chunk of it that has A LOT to do with not wanting to give Alan Moore one drop more credit or financial compensation than they deem absolutely necessary. Since Killing Joke is the only Joker origin story anyone actually likes, it's the closest thing to being "definitive", but even though Moore mostly borrowed and expanded on the older origin, he added enough new bits of his own that he'd probably have to get something kicked back to him if it were ever made the "official" story. That's my theory, at least.

I mean, every other attempt they've ever made, like the one in "Batman: Confidential", was f*cking dreck. They ultimately know that they'll never do a "better" Joker origin, but they don't wanna acknowledge Moore's contributions any more than they have to. So they throw some more garbage at the wall every now and again and hope that anyone likes it so they can make that the new "official" one.

That's my take, anyway. "Screw with Alan Moore" is part of the daily checklist over there at DC.
But then why would they use his Watchmen characters so often? That's my initial thought when reading this, but there could be an element I am missing.
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