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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
But then why would they use his Watchmen characters so often? That's my initial thought when reading this, but there could be an element I am missing.
He doesn't get any back-end compensation for that, as far as I'm aware. They were created under "work for hire" and were also based on pre-existing Charlton characters like Blue Beetle and Captain Atom (which DC had recently purchased outright at the time), so it's debatable as to whether he has any legitimate ownership claim. I'm going to say No, he doesn't.

I mean, it's definitely a gray area, because as you've said, they love tinkering with Watchmen but they've done everything they can to diminish and erase The Killing Joke. Moore wrote both works, but owns none of the characters, yet DC is fine playing with one group of toys but not the other.

As best I can figure it, it's something like: Watchmen is too iconic to ignore so they have to acknowledge it, and they get to do so without cutting Moore any extra checks. But Killing Joke is one of several stories that have "iffy" continuity (and people whine about the Batgirl stuff), so they don't really need to acknowledge it and would prefer not to because the guy who wrote it outspokenly hates the company. Why give anyone a chance to throw his name around and open that can of worms again if they can get around it?

Plus, DC also loves tinkering with Watchmen because they know how much Moore hates that. For many, many years, he's been outspoken and on-record that he would prefer NO movie, NO TV series, NO prequels, NO sequels... he wants it left alone and views every new thing with the "Watchmen" brand as a personal insult. So, of COURSE, they want to pick that scab because they're assholes.

Sounds petty, and it is, but Moore and DC have been having this pissing fight for around 30 years. It's a complicated relationship, but at the end of the day, he hates them and they really have no use for him, either, aside from exploiting him and his work when it's convenient.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but that's the meat and potatoes of it.

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