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I just saw what the final launch roster's gonna be and man, I'm shocked at how pathetic it is.

Now, I didn't really expect my girl Hsien Ko or my liege Shuma to be playable characters (even though I would've LOVED for them to be) but their picks were really bad. I understand there's some characters they had to choose, but they skipped out on so many important ones. I mean, no Felicia? No freaking AKUMA??? WTF?!?! That 30 character roster is really pitiful. On the Marvel side the only characters that are available are ones owned by them and not some other company (or put simply: only MCU characters). So no X-Men. Characters that have been in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE GAMES SINCE THE 1ST ONE (which was friggin' X-Men: Children Of The Atom!!!). Capcom's side is decent, although it too could stand to have a bunch of more characters. This whole thing would be a bit better if there was a big list of confirmed DLC characters (which would suck because DLC, but at least then there'd be more characters), but NO. We only know 6 characters will be DLC. Only 6!! My god, they made some bad decisions with this game.

The only positive things I've seen so far are: the gameplay, the Infinity Gems, the new characters, and the way they've handled online-play. But all that's for naught if the roster's as bad as it is.

All in all, this game's got too much going against it than for it.
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