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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
My hope right now is for "R" rated films like Logan and Deadpool to have a large "gravitational pull" on the film industry, which even has some effect on properties usually considered for children.
Sure, it may not lead to an "R" rated TMNT flick, but I imagine there will be some type of reverberation that could reach Viacom. A wake up call that audiences can handle a little more grit.
I can only see it working if they made it in the same tone and style as the 1990 movie which I thought was most faithful. I personally don't see why something needs to be gritty and violent just for the sake of it. I remember the Casey Jones fan movie released a couple of years ago and it took the level of violence much further than the comics did.

Originally Posted by Xav View Post
We already got Baxter in OOTS, it was a crappy version of Baxter but still.
I'll play devils advocate here and ask was his appearance in the PD movie any different to the way he was portrayed in the 4Kids series for example?
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