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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
Personally, I'd love to see Leatherhead, rat king, Hun, and a properly done Karai and Baxter as characters in movie one and two, With shredder being a big bad, giving orders and sending the foot out, until he has the fight with the TMNT at the end of the third film. Give hints of his prowess in the first two films- show him fighting in the flashbacks with Yoshi, and sparring with the foot, before breaking him out as a total beast in movie three.

No matter if the franchise is grim and gritty or not, Shredder will ALWAYS be seen as the big bad of the franchise. He should be held off for a big finale, tying up the circle, and bringing vengeance for the death of Yoshi and Shen. You can always follow that with a 'city at war', but he should be given a proper multi-movie buildup.
But then you're into Thanos Boredom territory.

"Oh, look, the big scary bad guy hasn't gotten off his damn chair yet. How many more movies do we have to wait?"
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