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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
Mmmm, I think a trilogy wouldn't be too much, no more than that. It just feels like Shredder is too important to the TMNT's story (being the main reason they were trained as ninjas) to just be a one-and-done throwaway. And I think it'd be much smoother to keep him around until the third film in a trilogy, instead of goofy worm clone resurrection. If you absolutely HAVE to throw him out there, have him fight the turtles at the end of Movie 2, then kick the #$%! out of them. Make people anticipate thier return and the rematch in movie 3.
Let the Foot Clan be his legacy.

Let the ninja, Splinter, the Turtles, the Elite Guard, Pimiko, let them ALL fight for the mantle of the Shredder.

Think of it like Zod. He was in one movie... he casts a long shadow that influences how people see Superman movies later.
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