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On one hand, I can see how it might work since the turtles are on a downward spiral (Raph especially). Either Rat King will kill someone and make things worse into their fight with Leatherhead in the next issue until things implode when they have to confront Bishop again...or they'll escape by the skin of their teeth.

I for one am not expecting much from him. Interestingly, between Bishop, a Terminator Man with the greatest Exoxenophobia to walk the Earth, Shredder, a plain ol' man outside his time with a centuries-old vendetta and puppet to a Goddess' greater plans, and Krang, literal destroyer of hundreds of civilizations from another dimension...why does the god-like immortal with a thread in every major event in Earth's history have the lowest threat threshold? Step up your fvcking game, man. You're going to let a robot, a tiny pink ball of rage, and an almost-regular guy be better antagonists than you?
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