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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
It's tricky but worth mastering.

To get up to speed, "Fire Pro Wrestling R" for PS2 was very, very good, and not quite as tricky as some of the others. Both Fire Pro Advance games for the GBA are also very good, but they're a bit more unforgiving and a little harder to master the timing.

I haven't seen too much of the newest one, but my wife was having a pretty easy time and she's not great at Fire Pro at all, so it seems like they made it a little easier.
Around 2009-2011 PS2 shelves in stores here were already full of crappy shovelware games and also DOZENS of Fire Pro games. Don't ask me which title(s) it was/were because I can't remember. Now obv since only Japanese people and very big wrestling fans that happen to be huge gaming nerds would know what Fire Pro is, let alone play it. So no one here bough it... but a few years later most people who go around buying and selling games online realised that those games are pricey and rare, so then suddenly a lot of collectors began hunting for it online

If I had known that back in 2010 I'd have bought Fire Pro Wrestling for the PS2 and sell it later for 4 times the price
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