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Tournament Fighters Competitive Community

I'm happy to pass along this announcement courtesy of some fellow fans who aren't yet able to open Drome accounts. I have been following the progress of this labor of love on social media channels, and here's an opportunity for more fans to join in to create the ultimate version of TMNT: Tournament Fighters for perpetual competitive play and enjoyment.

And for the next few days, there's an opportunity to win some free swag:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters is a beloved game, one of, if not the best SNES fighting game and one that still has a following to this day. The chance to improve the game started when a group of likeminded folks gathered on 's 11+ year old thread to discuss what could be done to help breath life into the old classic. And from that thread, the TMNT TF Discord and Twitter page were born!

We are dedicated to getting the word out about TMNT TF tournaments, letting people know about the development of a patch created by developer Enigami. The team of Enigami, Kosheh, JedHudson and To Be More Crazy along with a group of amazing testers and TMNT TF fans have been striving to improve and update the game ever since. We're looking to get the word out to the Technodrome forums about the TMNT_TF twitter page as well other TMNT TF projects like TMNT x JL. We hope you'll come join us in the Discord or at least keep tabs on us via Twitter or Facebook.

We're doing a give away for two official TMNT TF Championship Edition shirts that you can join right now!

Please come check us out and support the community, we have the largest TMNT TF tournament ever run coming up this Saturday in Brooklyn and we'll be running tournaments for the game at several major fighting game events including NEC 18 and MAGFest 2018!

Experience the TMNT Fan Commentaries!
Check out my TMNT fan comic, "Nothing to Fear"!
View my sketch work!
I'm selling some of my hard-to-find TMNT items!

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