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You've actually got a point there.

A group of teenage girls would be less likely to slaughter one another while stranded on an island. Partly because they'd be helping each other to deal with their little monthly issues. Sure, in my high school experience, there were Girl!Fights harder to break up than Boy!Fights, but it was an exception to the rule.

If they have to turn against each other, they'd use psychological warfare, as is standard practice when women get aggressive towards other women (and I should know from my middle/high school years). When discussing the children replicating what adults do, girls don't usually see adult women be violent toward one another the way boys would see men. Well, that might depend on where they're from, but for the most part, girls would not go for violence. They'd go for aggressive suggestion.

And yeah, no way any Lord of the Flies situation would happen in the 2010's. Maybe not even the 90's.
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