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Few more observations:

- I wish April/Splinter's first meeting wasn't done off-screen. That still feels odd to me to this day, I have no idea why we didn't get to see April's first reaction to Splinter. The first time they even interact is at the end of the Dr. Falco/Monkey Brains episode.

- The first season barely had any human pedestrians on the street. Heh, I remember we didn't start to see more humans walking around till about Season 2.

- A lot of the same "Mikey is dumb" or "Don flirts with April" jokes are here from the start, but for some reason they feel a lot funnier than later on. Maybe it's because they weren't overdone yet?

- I love how all these early episodes has Splinter teaching a new lesson to the Turtles. Not only do the Turtles constantly train, but Splinter also imposes some wisdom or lesson upon them in each ep. I really liked this.
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