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To me Kevin seems like he's more in line with most of us, a dude who genuinely loves comics, and wasn't doing it to set out to be rich, but wanted to just make a living doing something he loved & enjoyed, comics. I think that's a dream a lot of us really have at heart, at least I know I do, and the fact that his creation took off, was so surreal, he didn't let the money change him, he was still the same fun loving dude who wanted to just enjoy the ride & create just like always, some of it went great, other parts not so much, but he was still having fun with it & never lost site of why he did it, because he loved it. It really seemed like he has told the stories he wanted to tell & taken the criticism well. Peter seems to be the complete opposite, taking everything very seriously. It seems to me that Peter took everything so seriously, and tried so hard to prevent HIS vision of what TMNT should be, pure (you can't blame him for wanting that) that it burned him out. It's hard to keep a co-created property flowing in the same direction when the co-creators have such different visions, and while on the outside looking in, it certainly seems like Eastman was probably more flexible than Laird.

Honestly now, by reading the Annotations in the Ultimate Collection, Peter is so bitter, that for a lack of a better term, he seems like a jerk. From the outside we'll never know exactly what problems and friction arose while they were collaborating and who was to blame, but Peter has very little good things to say in the Annotations about some of Kevin's decisions in some of the issues. I'm sure he has his reasons for feeling that way & its probably justified, but for us, who can only read what he writes on the subject, and not know the actual circumstances, it leaves him standing there like the villain.

His comments & criticism of the IDW series, which has been pretty much loved by most, certainly don't help his case either.
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