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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
For the record, I don't believe Kevin Eastman has ever publically voiced any dislike for any incarnation (or even any aspect therein) of TMNT ever, anywhere, in any way, shape, or form.
Exactly...there has to be some sort of order, a line must be drawn...okay, maybe "must" is a strong word, but I'm personally of that mindset; which is why I would take Laird's TMNT anyday over Eastman's. BodyCount was horrendous. I suppose I'm also slightly biased because I'm not the biggest Casey Jones fan, and I like Raphael but he'd probably be my least favorite Turtle. Eastman has, throughout the years, put these two characters in the spotlight and I find it redundant. Peter clearly favors Donatello and (arguably) Fugitoid, yet you never see these two take so much spotlight as the duo of Raph & Casey.

I don't dislike Eastman, how could I? Yet his vast and seemingly endless openness to any sort of recreated or rehased TMNT media is alarming as a die-hard fan of this franchise.
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