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I also think it bears mentioning that Eastman's had lots and lots of trials and tribulations of his own within "The Industry" at a variety of companies. I think as such, he has a certain understanding and acceptance that you need to let go of your death grip on "your" property if you're ever going to make money on it. I think Laird is/was an "artist" and Eastman is/was a "businessman". That's probably WHY they complemented each other so well, and why Pete's always the "No" guy (over-protective of "his" sacred IP), and Kevin's always the "Yes Man" (anything for $$$).

I think it gets a little annoying when Kev jumps on every TMNT idea and says it's amazing (especially the awful ones), but Laird's stuff hasn't always been brilliant, either. We GET it, buddy, you really, REALLY like Jack Kirby. A lot of people in comics do, they just don't feel the need to remind everyone every 5 minutes. I mean, Grant Morrison does, but he's allowed because... y'know... people actually read his stuff.

Just to hop on that for a second, since we all know Pete is a huge Kirby fanatic, WHY exactly do some Mirage TMNT fans get so bent out of shape when sci-fi stuff comes into the property? If anything, the Kirby sci-fi influence was not only ALWAYS part of the TMNT DNA, in my opinion it's even more ingrained into it than the so-called "realistic Japanese ninja" stuff that's allegedly so important. Sorry to go off-topic, just a random thought.

Long story short, I think Eastman comes across as a shameless shill because he understands that comics/toys/cartoons/films are a commercial medium, the name of the game is MONEY, and a little (or a LOT of) compromise is essential. Pete, I honestly think, had greater aspirations than TMNT and is resentful he didn't get there, probably because this "silly TMNT thing" took over his life. I think he's ashamed that "all" he'll ever be known for is TMNT, while Kevin simply counted the zeroes and said "That's life".

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