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I had that same problem Floggin, which is why it took me forever to start picking up the series. The divisions they did for the releases are/were kinda weird and hard to keep track of. It's a little simpler with the addition of this set though.

'Volume 1' is 'Season 1', which is the original 5-episode 'mini-series' that started it all. 'Volume 2' (which I myself just ordered) is 'Season 2', which is the next 13 episodes from there. You already got Season 3. So from there, everything else you'd need to get, you can just get in Season set form, as you won't need any more fo the single volumes - that is, unless you really wanted those little toys that the split version of Season 7 came with or something.

If you're not adverse to ordering online, has all of the sets for pretty cheap, I think the most expensive one was $20, but most are in the $10-ish range. And you can even order without a card now, you just have to go pay in the store to process the order, and it'll then be shipped to the store for you to pick up. It's hella nifty.
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