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Originally Posted by k_lala View Post
2004-2008 is still up for debate. I know that much time passed on our time doesn't have to mean it did on there time. I dont remember if that many winter episodes in the series.
I didn't base this upon real time at all outside of the starting date of 2003. I have BttS taking place in 2007 but it came out in 08, Turtles Forever happened in 2008 but came out in 09.

And there's the winter shown in Tales of Leo/ Monster Hunter, then another shown in the Christmas episode, then I know it's "fanon" but I shoehorned one in there during the "outbreak" incident just because I feel like that went on for a while. Then there's two off-screen winters that take place during Fast Forward and after BttS.

After all Spider-Man is still young.
That has nothing to do with anything. Spider-man is still young because he gets rebooted all the time.

I hate to sound like a jerk since I would greatly appreciate any intelligent input or conversation, but if you're just gonna come here and be negative about this list just keep it to yourselves.

I don't mind anyone disagreeing with me, but at least take the time to think up some contradictory evidence before telling me I'm wrong.

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