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Finished watching season 3 besides the overdone horror stuff its alright.

April/Karai are still uninteresting to me and feel forced, the mutation angle had potential but not a fan of how they're dealing with it. The time travel episode made me both like the Shredder/Splinter rivalry less and more, kind of odd.

Only Donnie and Mikey got upgraded weapons right? Shame, the bladed weapons are ok, they're not overused. Hell I guess most of their weapons aren't used that much.

Have I mentioned I really liked Casey Jones this season, I hated him last season but he's gotten better.

Bruce Lee Hun I have mixed feelings on, it was awesome seeing a Bruce Lee character in TMNT but making him Hun who was this beefy gang leader was not the perfect choice. Wish we had seen more of him.

Russian Rocksteady is indeed awesome and I now like him and Beebop's dynamic, but I still feel the Russian guy was too interesting and had a way different role than just making him another goon of Shredder.

Speaking of Shredder's goon the Villain Decay we saw the first two seasons finally got balanced, well as balanced as an action show like TMNT can make it but yeah those first two seasons the villains felt like DBZ where the other character was just made useless as soon as the other arrived but they balanced that off.

Bishop being a Kraang is an interesting twist but also an Utrom? Awesome, finally my fanon theory of Kraang being Utroms is canon.

The Triceraton's invasion was pretty cool.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
As I said before, it's not much different than how the original cartoon or 2k3 series just had filler villains be generic. This show uses mutants.
But the other shows had a better mix, I do remember 2k3 and even early OT seasons needing a few more mutant episodes, and in the same way this show needs more crazy scientists/mobster episodes. But like I said the excess of mutants is not isn't a big problem for me.

The horror homages though, man pretty much every episode has them, it's a huge turn off by now, they over did it and I'm tired of it, wish they had kept it in a more subtle way but its always straight in your face
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