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The Utroms do exist in Nick, you'll see it further explained in Season 4. Bishop also appears a few more times in the following seasons leading the EPF so it's true to the character. I think him being an Utrom was a homage to 2k3 Shredder being an Utrom.

While I don't care for Karai's snake mutation, I love the fact that someone as cold as Shredder could raise his enemies daughter as his own. The fact that the writers showed us that Shredder does genuinely care for Karai makes it even better, because it shows how much he considers her to be his daughter since he raised her. Karai's arc gets a bit dragged out in Season 3 with the mutation and brain worm, but this is sorted out in Season 4 immediately when they get back from space so it's well done.

I also like how the Mutanimals helped out in the Triceraton invasion, and now we have other enemies outside of Shredder and his minions and the Kraang.
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