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I think being a pretty mediocre actor with little actual chemistry or talent did that. BayTurtles 2 casted poorly, but that's not a surprise. If this movie didn't cast him at all, he'd likely be in the same boat he is now. He seems like a decent guy, but I think he's a sub-par actor. Casey needs an actor with chemistry and energy, and Amell can't seem to pull off either in a natural way.

IMO, he's CW material. Well... soap opera material, if I'm honest. And a lot of DCTV actors exceed that, thankfully, but he doesn't. "Bland and broody" doesn't take a lot of skill for an actor, and that's all he really does on Arrow. In this movie he tried to be a little livelier, and the result was cringe-worthy. He should stick to what works for him -- boring, blandly-rugged pretty boy characters.

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