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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Nah, Batman: TAS is the only show that gained a following among adults, simply because everyone who was a kid in the 90's when it first aired is now an adult.
plus Batman the Animated series was following a very similar vibe to the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie, which was hugely popular.
that gained it a very large adult fanbase at the time of release.

the series had fully scored episodes, brilliant writing and A-list voice talent.

i'd say these are the largest reasons for the series continued success.

even though some of the direct to video comic movies are very good,
they never quite reach the same level of quality of the original few seasons of Btas series.

even Bruce Tim's Superman animated series, New Adventures of Batman, and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited
aren't made of the same quality as his first run of Batman cartoons.
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