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Not even other DCAU cartoons get the same amount of respect which BTAS seems to demand. And I can understand it too. Batman was a show which got very personal with its characters, even the ones who showed up in an episode and then disappeared forever. It was very character-driven. Something like Justice League - despite being the same creative team, same voice actors - might be seen as more for the kids because of its more rote 'world in peril' cycle every episode. The super-threats are so outlandish that an adult won't see as much as a stake, and be invested in the outcome. A priest trying to help his mobster brother choose a better path in life is a lot more compelling.

Of the other shows you listed (which I've seen) I think Wolverine and the X-Men comes closest to BTAS since that smaller sense of scale is there. I think the X-Men as a team go to action only a few times in the entire series; often its one-on-one conflicts (usually focusing on Logan).
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IDW took the OT straw and spun it into gold, while Platinum Dunes took the OT straw and spun it into manure.
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