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Tmnt list of comic big bads

So in the tmnt comics and media there a a lot of big bads but the most notable one is Shredder aka oroku saki with Krang as a close second but let's start off with these comic versions mirage,Archie,and idw tmnt.
*Mirage version doesn't to have a big bad from what I read Shredder originally started off as a one shot starter villain who died in the first issue but was brought back for a couple of issues in the return to New York arc and works of madness but even then he was a minor recurring villain at best but his legacy lives on in volume three there are two versions of shredder and oroku saki's daughter pimiko while in volume 4 two versions of shredder called Doctor shredderous and oroku yoshi show up.
*The Archie comics version had both shredder and Krang for the most issues but later null and maligna took over the role with shredder being reduced into a minor villain while krang was put on a bus
*The idw version also has shredder and krang with null and maligna back but added a couple new big bads like bishop,Ch'rell who looks to replace Krang,and the dragon, the father of the pantheon. So what are your thoughts on this?

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