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Originally Posted by daggio View Post
I think the IDW series is very good with how they use their big bads, especially how they jump back and forth between them. And cuz of how good IDW portrays them, I'm looking forward to how up and coming big bads are gonna be portrayed like Ch'rell and the Dragon or seeing Null and Maligna progress in their respective stories. Then maybe eventually we'll see some old big bads like Lord Dregg from Fred Wolf appear since he would fit in perfectly with the Bishop/EPF stuff.
Not Sh'Okanabo? Null and Maligna might well carry this series into the #150's, but at some point I wouldn't mind an updated take on Archie TMNT's Chien Khan (and Noi Tai Dar) either. And Armaggon! We need Armaggon!
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