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Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
Some folks have been e-mailing me to add one to TMNT Entity for a while now, so I put up a version of the timeline on my site: IDW TMNT Continuity Timeline

I made sure to link back to this thread and give the proper credit to ToTheNines and Chris for keeping track of things (as well as Bobby for openly answering placement questions).

My version's essentially the same, except that instead of separating the clusters of issues by publication year, I did it around story arcs in the ongoing. For the titles, I used the trade paperbacks as a guide since the issues themselves are untitled.


Was the 2-issue Slash arc titled "Blood Brothers" or "Brothers in Blood"? I can never remember.

TMNT #5 didn't have a separate title from the other issues in the "Enemies Old, Enemies New" arc, did it?

Any other arc titles I might have overlooked?
Blood brothers is the name of the arc
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