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Awesome work as always Spengler.

As Snakeweed said, 15-16 was Blood Brothers. Regarding #5 - there was no separate title. The issue works equally well as an epilogue to Change is Constant or as a prologue to Enemies Old, Enemies New. I went with Enemies Old, Enemies New since that's where it's collected, but if you're breaking things up by arc you could just as easily group it with Change is Constant, a break for the first 2 micros, then the 3 part Enemies Old, Enemies New (plus Donatello, Hero Comics, Infestation, etc).

Quick question - how come you moved Fugitoid to between 16 and 17? I know it sets up 17 but I thought it was agreed that chronologically it came between 14 and 15? Just wondering if I missed something and needed to update my timeline!

Just updated my timeline with the Krang micro series. Since Bobby said it acts as an epilogue to Krang War I've put it after 20 (seems like there's a nice gap there with Bobby saying 21/City Fall is a month or 2 after Krang War and Secret History takes place at some point during that gap).
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