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Here's something I've noticed:

Donatello never actually battled Krang. Rapahel fought him once, and Leonardo and Michelangelo fought him in both encounters. I especially found it interesting that Donatello has barely interacted with him, in spite of being the only turtle fully invested in stopping him from terraforming Earth.

And I sometimes wonder what this would mean down the road. Since Donatello would be the one interacting with the Utroms the most because of Honeycutt, and with them being the next best teachers of technology he coudl get, it might mean that he might be the one talking to Krang in prison and really one-on-one with him.

Also, just for fun, I put the coordinates of Burnow in Wolfram Alpha to see what goes on with its weather.
As of right now (11:45 pm for me posting this), it's 1:34 am, and 45 F/5 C. It's also overcast.

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