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Originally Posted by Chris View Post
In TMNT #1 it says that it took a year for them to grow to their current size, and after that an unknown amount of time passes before the TMNT start walking and talking, it is then they start the 13 years training.

The TMNT are AT LEAST 14 in Vol. 1#1, although I would guess they are almost 15 based on later events.

Regardless they are 15 1/2 in TMNT Vol. 1 #4-7. Then they have their first X-Mas (Mikey special)

It's a year later (they actually say it's their second real X-Mas) in the Leo special where Shredder returns. They would be around or just over 16 1/2 by this point.

A year later again they return to NY and kill Shredder (aged around/just over 17 1/2). (Therefore the TMNT being just over 14 1/2 or just under 15 is the closest to the 3 years you'll probably be able get, they certainly can't be 13 in Vol. 1 #1 for that statement to be true)

City at War runs from just under a year after that to just over a year after that (I worked it out at October to March at one point but I;d have to finf my notes for all the detailed reasons why) with Karai at one point saying it's been about a year since Shredder died. So the TMNT would 18, probably pushing 19 by the end of that story arc.

That's going off events in the comics themselves, not letter cols. The only thing in the comics that would contradict this is them turning 18 at the start of the Image comics but they're non-cannon anyway so that doesn't matter.

The one page referencing The River can easily be removed and have no affect on the rest of "Sons of the Silent Age", I think that's what Laird will do when he reprints it.
You've obviously done your homework, too, but I personally try to take everything in Vol. 1 at its word until we're told otherwise by Laird. But your points are equally valid.

About the lettercol in the middle of City at War :

TMNT Vol. 1, #59: (response in lettercol) "Yes, the Turtles are [now] 16. The chronology is based on issue 48 picking up sometime shortly after issue 21 and 'Return to New York' left off."

So we kind of have to work backward from that.
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