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Originally Posted by ctt4lfecw View Post
2 things I noticed after re-reading SHotFC. Kitsune and Saki have these four sons that can be seen in Secret History #4, will they be brought up again? And Saki told Professor Miller that if he was successful in helping him find Kitsune's body, that he would be granted the secret to immortality. Will we see Miller again with his new found knowledge, or do you think Saki had him killed?
It's been a while since I read anything pre-City Fall, wasn't it mentioned at some point either in the main series or Karai's micro that she is Shredder's granddaughter? That would account for one of the sons.

As far as Professor Miller, ??? I can't see Saki giving up ooze and power to someone like Miller so easily, but I'd guess that he'd still keep him around as long as he may be useful, basically as a captive consultant
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