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At least if it was Jennika, though it would be a rather shoddy excuse, I suppose they could try to get away with the fact that she was human to start with and excuse it as the mutation process having not taken away the boob fat. Functionality is gone, but the shaping is still there?

Though I strongly vote "no" to reptile boobs.

Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Though if Bay is involved, I'd be more worried about boob close ups, ass close ups, jokes about the Turtles checking her out or trying to sneak a peak as she showers, possible banter about which one they'd rather bone, Venus or April, or even worse....
Oh good, I'm not the only one that doesn't trust them not to go there.

Female character, mutant or not... I just can't imagine Bay and his ilk leaving well enough alone.

outright imply that Venus and one of the Turtles did it or were about to before plot gets in the way.
Oh hey, the perfect after credits scene.

"What've you guys been up to?"

[Two rather guilty looking Turtles] "Ummm.... nothing...?"

Dear god, please no.
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