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Originally Posted by Sabacooza View Post
No, we don't need this series going woke and then going broke.
Well they've already gone "woke" by simply having a female turtle in the first place according to some folk and that issue sold out.

Like Black Panther and Captain Marvel movies. I mean Marvel is really going broke with those billion dollar films. Come to think of the MCU Spider-Man with its diverse supporting cast is also going to make a billion too.

Star Wars also had two billion dollar movies under their belts and another that was close (Rogue One). Ironically the only modern Star Wars movie to struggle is the one that gave the anti-SJWs pretty much what they wanted. If Disney was looking at that what route do you think is more profitable?

But back to comics, maybe TMNT #95 was a one off. I mean it's not like Miles Morales, Kamala Khan are runaway hits or that the female Thor outsold Odinson last volume or that things like Moon Girl, Squirel Girl kill it in trades. Both Shuri and Ironheart's #1s were the best selling debuts in years

Surely the phrase should be "go woke and some whiny jerks make up that you go broke".
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