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Originally Posted by Adcatalano View Post
Leatherhead, Traag, and Granitor were all originally showcased in the video game style, plus they showed off Super Shredder recently.

I love this line, necaís video game appearance line is what started me collecting toys in general. I have both of the SDCC 2017 video game sets so I wonít be double dipping on the turtles and foot just for the hover boards, but I have Slash on order (love that it has a different sculpt than the cartoon version). I keep my video game figures in package because Neca absolutely kills their video game packaging, itís like a diorama itself.
I have the Shredder and Foot pack, I figure if they are going to re-release the turtles and everything separately then it's possible that the weapons or colors of the Foot won't be the same as the SDCC pack. Plus I had to have the giant hammer, how could you pass that up?

I don't have a set of Arcade Turtles yet so the hoverboard ones are perfect for me. I am really happy that at least one of the NECA TMNT lines are more available than the Target/Gamestop ones.
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