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Originally Posted by Storm Eagle View Post
It can be bothersome and no it doesn't matter if I like the song or not. I live in an apartment and have had noisy neighbors who I've had to get to lower their volume. They have other neighbors and they don't know what they might be doing.

So what about you? You're the topic starter.
It does indeed bother me, even when family does it. If I'm not a fan of their music, of course it'll be an issue. If I do like the song but do not wish to hear it at the moment especially when I'm doing something (sleeping, reading, drawing), it still bothers me. Even when they play it at moderate volume where you can still hear it. It has me thinking why not listen to music on your cell or computer using headphones so the rest of us can't hear it? My younger brother listens to music on TV through Youtube and has a habit of playing it loudly.
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