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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
The Spider-Man Unlimited Game also has a special seven-mission event for Annie May Parker which continues her story from the original RYV mini-series. Her parents have given her permission to attend school in the Unlimited Spidey's dimension, but she falls prey to an attack from Mysterio who conjures up her nightmares of Venom from the original RYV story to try to break her spirit. Annie defeats Mysterio and his henchmen and announces she'll attend school as soon as she gets more lunch money
Interesting. Wonder if the game will be counted as part of the comic's continuity, or if it'll be treated as a different RYV timeline?

(I think I saw some screenshots online indicating that Annie will be helping the Mary Jane of the "Unlimited" universe recreate the power armor her mom stole in the final issue of the original RYV story.)
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