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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I mean, He can. He is.

And it's not so much on you being suspicious. That's fine. It's everything to do with the approach. There are more tactful ways. Saying "Oh, hey, that's cool. Not to be rude, but what are your sources on this?" would be one way... turd decided to go another route.

And especially over something so ridiculous. How/why would he make this up? If you sit back and think for two seconds, I mean, you're looking at a figure already, of which they clearly got the license for. Wouldn't common sense dictate that if they have the license for something as super popular as this, they would want to capitalize on that? That this would NOT be a one and done?

I understand common sense and tact aren't strongly held values on message boards, but come on. Let's at least *try* using them.

I like this sourceless insider more already.

You're boring. And your crap won't work on me. But please, keep wasting your own time.

And the large difference between what you're pulling, and what I had originally said, is I know BS when I see it. I know things you don't know. So, I have a little more standing in questioning this.

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