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Why do you think some mutants gain the ability to talk and others do not?

We've seen this happen regularly in almost every TMNT series:

1. In the original cartoon a lot of the mutants talk, but some oddly do not. The mutant bull with the horns who kept getting bigger and duplicating itself into two from Season 3 (the one Don had his alternate VA in), the giant bugs from "The Big Bug Blunder," the mutant bug people in Season 7 when Baxter used his mutagen gun on a bunch of pedestrians, etc.

2. In the 2k3 series in Notes of the Underground, only Quarry spoke. Stonebiter/Razorfist didn't speak at all. They weren't mindless yet like the other mutants down there. Then later on in Season 4 when there's a mutant outbreak in NY, again all those mutant bugs are just mindless and don't speak. Then we had that Cockroach mutant or the 4-eyed monster Bishop experimented on when he mutated that soldier...they didn't speak either.

3. In the Nick cartoon several mutants did not speak. Cockroach Terminator, Justin, Mutagen Man, Squirrelnoids, Kirby-bat, Antrax, Traag, The Creep, etc. It seems like some mutants gained the ability to speak over time (like Rockwell monkey who couldn't talk in his first appearance), while others could not.

Why do some mutants gain intelligence and can speak, but others are basically just mindless monsters or feral creatures?
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