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Originally Posted by mrmaczaps View Post
I've read Revelation. So, its not assuming it will be bad, its knowing. Monarchy would be bad. The UN is not our friend, and them in control, would be bad. When the time comes, a good portion of the population of the world will be pissing their pants happy for that subjugation as they won't actually see thats what it is until 3.5 years or so into it.

Would only need one guess where the tag came from... same person that does it on nearly every thread I comment on.... lol

You don't have to agree, I was just answering the posited question/thought. Currently we have freedom there... lol.

Yeah I've read it too. Just don't believe in it as the entire Book is filled with errors in translation, inconsistencies in narrative, etc. But hey feel free to disagree on the nature of the philosophy. It has NOTHING to do with Biblical threats of Armageddon. It is merely a philosophy of a world in peace and harmony that needs no borders. That IS the intent of those words!

Originally Posted by Cryomancer View Post
Yeah once the sun explodes we'll have like about 8 minutes until all countries are done

Ah don't worry- by the time we even saw the light of that nova we'd all be toast anyway lol!

Originally Posted by BubblyShell22 View Post
Or if a giant meteor hits.

This one is far more likely....
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