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Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
If I don't date another girl for the rest of the year, that means I'd have dated 21 girls this year, the longest relationship (also the most boring) being almost 2 months. Couple that with my ex's pregnancy that I'm still unsure how to feel about... it's just been a bad year. I hate dating so damn much. It's repetitve and I lose interest by the end of the week. I hate feeling like I've wasted someone else's time as much as I hate wasting my own.

Just... bad year, homie. I feel so damn old all the time.
I'm sorry to hear that things haven't been going well for you. Relationships are tricky and I'm sure you've tried to do the whole "be happy by yourself before being happy with another" mantra ... but I know that wanting a relationship and being with someone is one of the most powerful things out there.

You'll eventually find the one that makes things work for you. My ex of two years and I split up in 2009 and and wasting so much time longing for her and trying just to find someone to make me feel less void was something I wish I could go back and prevent from happening. Though in 2011 I decided to start being more active to help lose some of my depression weight, I couldn't let what had happened go. Eventually I found another ... and then that didn't work and in little to no time, I found another yet again.

Things will work and get better and I certainly hope they do for you soon.
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