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Lets see..... i was never really a happy person..due to being picked on in school a bit.

But I think it really started hitting home when my dog of 16 years was put down. then I was really feeling alone. only a few months after that, with no time to really recover, parents went through a divorce, still living with each other during most of that time. that lasted a few years iirc. I wound up staying up till 3AM in the hopes that they wouldn't wake me up with arguing when they slept, throwing off my wellness quite a bit.

Add to that, I don't make enough to move out, at least reliably, so I'm still living at home. and when the divorce stuff FINALLY stopped, my favorite grandfather died only two months later before I had time to recover from THAT.

So, to sum it all off......I'm still stuck at home. I'm approaching 40. I've only been on three dates due to social anxiety and not much confidence that anyone would ever be interested. and quite frankly if it wasn't for a few earthly distractions like radio intervening, not quite sure what shape I'd still be in now.

I will say walking does help a bit. but here in my area there are ALOT of damn hills, so that's not too much of an option most of the time.

So yeah. depression, anxiety AND OCD is a no fun tripple whammy.
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