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Only times I've ever really felt depressed were when I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years (this happened twice) in 2010 and 2015. Both times I felt like I wasn't good enough and just sucked at living. There would be days when I would go through the motions and not want to interact with anyone, but knowing I had to and pretending I was fine. I'd be ok then break down into tears, when alone. It was a lot worse the first time, but still terrible the second time around. Eventually I sort of found solace in friends, family, self improvement and strangely enough, anger.
I figured hey, I can't be depressed if I'm angry, and then I just sort of used that anger to fuel certain projects, work and things that I did. I don't know how healthy that is but it's worked so far.
And my current girlfriend deals with depression and a lot of it comes down to really irrational fears and self depreciating. Sometimes she just needs to vent and hear that I care about her and don't secretly plan to murder her in her sleep er whatever (Something she has told me), and it comes and goes. I wish I could do more but I understand it's something that I'll have to deal with as long as we're together, because it's something she has dealt with for at least 15 years.
Some things are better left unsaid. This isn't one of them
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