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Originally Posted by Navin Johnson View Post
I bought the Shredder Items from the propmaster that worked on movie 2.
He was great to deal with and hear his stories about the movies.
I was just in the right place at the right time, as with most collections, you have to be really knowledgeble or really lucky ( I'm not that smart). I have had this stuff a long time and have never really showed anyone.
Thanks to all for the kind comments.
You haven't showed anywone?!
Boy, am I happy I started this thread!

Those props in your collection are truly amazing, Navin!
I'm really happy that such important pieces of Turtle lore are in the possession of such a devoted fan and not stacked in some warehouse!
You seem to take good care of them, too... That Raphael head looks like it was in the movie yesterday!

Congrats, dude! And thanks a million for sharing them pictures. Ifever you should take high res pictures of the props, I'd sure be interested to see them in great detail!
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