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In my rewatch of this series, I keep thinking about how the 17 VHS tapes that I have of episodes that were released from the first three seasons isn't going to be a long term option. Once my working VCRs (that are part of DVD/VCR combos) stop working, that'll probably be the end for my VHS collection. I do have all of the episodes that were released ONLY on DVD after the VHS market completed died. But it just occurred to me that purchasing the first three seasons from amazon is probably my best long term option to have all of the first six seasons of the show available for me to watch whenever I want. Shows being released on DVD is dying market, and Nickelodeon seems to have absolutely no interest in giving this series a proper DVD release. Looks like this series is probably going to end up being my first ever digital purchase of a show/movie.

Edit: Though it appears that the third season is still not available as a "season" set yet. It's only available as individuals episodes. That's frustrating cause it could be nice to have the first full three seasons to be able to watch digitally, and then I could watch seasons 4-6 on dvd.

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