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Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
Thanks for the info, man!

Sucks about the format, though. I'd love to see these get an HD release at some point and online streaming seems to be the best way for it to happen.
Actually, the quality is still pretty good for SD. It looked great when I was streaming the episodes on my PlayStation 3 with the Amazon Instant Video app. However, some of the episodes had strange visual glitches and freezes in them, so I don't know if all of those have been fixed since they were first released in 2015.

Also, Season 3 on Amazon is a rip off because you can't buy all the episodes for $20, only individually for $1.99. I emailed their support a while back, and they said it would be the decision of the content owner (Viacom) to price it that way, when every other digital store like iTunes has it at the normal price. They said they would fix it, but that was in August, 2016.
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