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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
-Ocarina of Time Master Quest
-The Legend Of Zelda Collector's Edition (Features LOZ 1 & 2, OOT, MM)
-The Wind Waker
-Four Swords Adventures
-Twilight Princess


-Soulcalibur II (not an official Zelda game, but features Link)
-Super Smash Bros. Melee (not an official Zelda game, but features Zelda characters)
Ocarina of Time's master quest came in as a bundle together with Wind Waker... at least the Ocarina port + master quest version I own was like that. Isn't the master question basically the same game but with mirrored dungeons instead, anyway?
Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
So I've watched some of April O'Neil's "videos." They were OK, the lesbian massage ones were the best ones. I skimmed through some of the others, but eh.

I've seen better.
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