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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
It seems some people from the Americas get a bit "hurt" when they go to, let's say, Republic of Ireland and people don't care that their grandfather was Irish and just view them as "American/Canadian/Argentinian/wtv".
Yeah, I think anyone doing that is just trying to seek an hereditary identity that sounds cooler and more meaningful to them than their simple nationality. Which, lets be honest, in countries that are very much a "melting pot" as this one is and has few meaningful real traditions all its own, a national identity is pretty superficial. I can kind of understand, but they forget that their own ancestry may not be interesting to everyone. Esp if they run off and visit a place where that heritage is common and the least interesting topic of conversation. lol

Through the genealogy research I've done and the numerous documents available that I've poured over, no, I can't say I have found any murderers or criminals at this point... So far the family sounds to have been pretty much the same average, hard working family it is in this day and age.

The nearest I've got is one who was arrested for working at his mill on Sunday in the 1820s. Poor guy. lol A big offense then, but kind of hilarious looking back on it from this century. Wish there was more info on it.
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