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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
And why is that exactly?
Turtles Forever was pretty much forgotten/unheard of outside of the core fanbase. A somewhat mature, feature-length adaptation of Mirage 1 probably would have made a bigger splash, and possibly lead to more. Look at the DC animated universe. I'm not saying it would have been that big, but the possibility was definitely there to have more similar works. If you really wanna wax tin foil hat possibilities, a moderately successful mature animated movie could have swayed Nick execs on what ultimately became the Platinum Dunes movie.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Absolutely, that would be just as compelling as the "Superman Lives" documentary, about just that. It changed shape so many times... first it's the Kirby Movie, then it was morphing into something that included Venus from NT:TNM, Julie Strain was going to be an alternate dimension Enchantress... all of this long before the Imagi movie.
Yeah, the Supes Lives doc was fun. I've been mildly obsessed with the film since the mid-90s, when word started getting out. I wish the doc hadn't been so sloppy, but it was a fun look behind the curtain. It took so long to finish that most of the material had already found it's way online, but the interviews were great. I REALLLLLY wish Cage would have participated.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Unfortunately, all versions of TMNT 4 sounded god-awful.
Gonna have to disagree with you there. I'm not saying all of the scripts were Citizen Kane (or even TMNT 90), but some of what was being developed was pretty cool. Some. Definitely not all. There was some steaming crap, too.

The Hallmark mini-series would also be pretty neat to see discussed in detail on the new doc. Lets finally see that Splinter test footage and Shredder maquette that Laird mentioned!

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